Mammoth donkeys for sale 14 hh & over$1,200(Lebanon, MO)

4 heads of Mammoth Jennetts for sale at 1,200.00 these are nice big Jennetts , Call Benny or Hazel Coleman @ (417-532-3208 home)or (417-531-5707 Cell) make an appt. to come and look at these mammoth Jennetts for sale Call Benny Coleman at (417-532-3208) or 417-531-5707 cell) Located around Lebanon MO 65536 we have around 12 heads of Jennetts if you bought them all we would take 3600.00 dollars if you took them all at one time , Mammoth Jennetts . Call Benny Coleman at 417-532-3208 home or 417-531-5707 cell