12a Mazda rotary engine appears to be rebuilt, filled with assembly Lube got it out of a storage unit. Know nothing about it wanting $450. Obo. Call or text anytime 417 - 531- 2068
i am selling my car because i just bought a new one..this car is a great car it has 195,000 miles but runs good..the only thing it really needs soon is a new strut it makes some noise when driving it...it also needs a bottom motor mount in the future..its great on gas..20.00 almost fills it up..im asking 500.00 but will take reasonable offers..it does have a dentin the hood but if interested te...
i need to sell my mazda it needs a strut soon so it makes a lil noise when driving it..it will also need a bottom motor mount..its a good car it has 195,000 miles but drives good plus its good on gas..20.00 about fills it up..im asking 450.00 and thats the lowest i will go cause if the problems were fixed itd be worth alot more..u cant always find a car with high miles and mainly just a bad stu...
the only thing that really needs 2 be fixed is the strut..it makes a lil noise when driving it cause of the strut..it also needs a bottom motor mount..2 easy fixes and other than that it drives good..it has 195,000 miles and great on gas.20.00 almost fills it up...it does have a dent in the hood..its got a new winsheild,headlight,parking light,strut mount,2 mirrors and a new battery.if itereste...
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